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  • Exclusive: i5 Health report on Non-medical Prescribing


    Despite there being considerable evidence that NMP not only has a very strong safety record but provides significant advantages to patients and the NHS as a whole, little evidence exists about the actual economic impact of NMP. Health Education North West asked i5 Health to undertake data research and analysis to evaluate that impact. There were three principal outcomes:

    1. Findings from an analysis of the North West England NMP Clinicians Audit to England as a whole established that NMP contributes a minimum value of circa �777m per annum.

    2. An exercise quantifying the economic impact of Primary Care NMP on Secondary Care for 16 Long Term Conditions (LTC) concludes that a minimal presence of NMP in the top quartile of GP practices currently without NMP would reduce hospital attendances and admissions representing annual values of over �270m across England.

    3. Introducing NMP as an initiative into environments like Care Homes, OOH practice and Palliative Care, the prospective value for CCGs can range up to �1m � depending on the size and location in England.

    To see a full version of the report CLICK HERE

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  • Referral Facilitation Management for Brent i5 Health is working in close collaboration with Brent GP's, using state-of-the-art data analytics, to deliver groundbreaking reports on patient referrals to GP's, Hospitals and Community services. These reports are enabling Clinical Commissioners to identify trends in patient level activity and costing across Brent.

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  • Gynaecology i5 Health were commissioned to review the effectiveness of a Primary Care gynaecology service established by two North London localities together with Imperial College Acute Trust. The scope of the analysis covered ten Diagnosis (Read) Codes and addressed four categories of evaluation questions: Statistics, Clinical, Patient and Clinician Satisfaction and Financial. The outcome of the review confirmed the cost effectiveness of (as well as the patient satisfaction in) and contributed to the decision to expand it to a further locality.

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  • Non-Medical Prescribing i5 Health has been commissioned to carry out a study of Non-Medical Prescribing across the country � drawing on not only practical experience within the Primary and Secondary sectors but also on the wide range of NHS data bases that might support claims for its effectiveness.

    Dr Harald Braun has been invited to speak on behalf of NHS England on this subject at worldwide conferences in the USA and Singapore.

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  • Collaboration with Sector Leaders i5 Health Ltd is very proud and excited to collaborate with sector leaders like Sitekit, ElevenSocial and Abies. We believe that NHS Commissioning with the patient at its very heart will be made both more efficient and considerably more cost effective through our collaborative project, Commissioning Community.

    The i5 Health team�s contribution to the Commissioning Community is founded on a wealth of experience in the Health sector including:

    � IT and software applications development in healthcare and other industry settings
    � Analytics including historical analysis and predictive modelling to support decision-making   by healthcare professionals
    � Medicines management
    � Healthcare commissioning expertise
    � Communications and engagement specialists who bring successful experience of   engaging public, patient PCT and clinician communities in various locations across
    � Project management experience of large-scale IT programmes and the provision of    commissioning support to PCTs
    � Operational and commissioning experience within PCTs

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  • Extended Validation Security by Comodo The Commissioning Suite application has been secured with an Extended Validation (EV) security certificate by Comodo.. Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificates are the highest assurance certificate to reassure users of The Commissioning Suite. The green address bar that is present in the browser is only shown for EV SSL, which provides visual assurance that the site is verified and secured.

    Obtaining an Extended Validation SSL certificate requires a rigorous validation performed by Comodo, a registered Certificate Authority (CA). This is required to ensure that the company behind the site meets Extended Validation standard. These strict validation guidelines help keep the green address bar associated with only trusted organizations to maintain the highest level of security and trust with visitors.

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  • i5 Health Awarded Innovation Grant The Technology Strategy Board, the government body that supports technological innovation of major social significance through a system of grants, has awarded i5 Health and its strategic partners, Sitekit and Abies funding for the next two years. The three organisations are working together on the collaborative project, Commissioning Community. The award, won against significant competition, is enabling i5 not only to build its technology but to reinforce its strategy within the NHS.

    We believe that NHS Commissioning with the patient at its very heart will be made both more efficient and considerably more cost effective through the Commissioning Community project.

    Iain Gray, the Technology Strategy Board�s Chief Executive, said: �Creating and distributing digital information, content or services to customers requires the building of new, digital, value chains. The British companies behind these cutting-edge development projects will show how they can improve or create such new digital value chains and networks, and will demonstrate how value can be created, and revenue earned, from information, content and services�.

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  • i5 Health a Hit in Harness i5 Health and the Harness Locality within Brent CCG in NW London are cooperating on the further development of i5 Commissioning Suite. i5 Health are providing the platform on specially adapted Microsoft tablets to enable the 16 practices of Harness:

    � To communicate between themselves and with providers
    � To contribute to the creation of reports that can form the basis of reliable clinical commissioning
    � To access i5 Commissioning Suite

    Caroline Kerby, the Clinical Commissioning Lead for Harness has said: "the support of i5 Health is the first time we have truly begun to bring together complex data from across the health economy in such a way as to inform clinical decision making and facilitate local improvements that transform patient care".