How We use AI to deliver BI

i5 Health is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to transform the management of healthcare business in the UK by providing decision support and Business Intelligence (BI) principally to healthcare commissioners and policy makers.

Commissioners and policy makers have the mission to transform healthcare but face a major challenge by having to process too much textual information and data manually. Due to the large amounts of publications and data collected each day, decision makers often focus only on the information that seems immediately relevant. This can result in missed opportunities to deal with disease prevention, better patient flows and pathways, unrecognized patient cohorts and improved patient outcomes.

By using AI and advanced algorithms, commissioners and policy makers can be pointed directly to the most relevant opportunities to drive effective and sustainable change. Such tools are built and operated by i5 Heath and include:

Mapping patients to services that are most appropriate to guide service transformation using an Expert System (ES)

Predicting A&E attendances based on historic data, weather patterns, calendar events, temperature, holidays etc. using Neural Networks (NN)

Processing of masses of documentation with Natural Language Processing (NLP) so that decision makers can reduce the need to read them

Predicting the likelihood that a person is developing a certain condition e.g. Arterial Fibrillation, Coronary Heart Disease, Stroke etc. using Probabilistic Models (PM)

i5 Health applies advanced algorithms to optimise service provision for over 50 million people in England based on hundreds of millions of activity records - essentially using AI to deliver BI. i5 Health is a partner in BI and Transformation/Redesign of the largest Commissioning Support Units (CSU) in the NHS and a partner in AI of one of the world’s largest technology corporations.