Demand Management and Simulation

This module enables users to perform demographic what-if scenario analysis of change plans and how they impact their patients and disease prevalences and provides demand forecasting in different settings for secondary and primary care.

Transformational change impacts on capacity, demand and workforce and starts with an options evaluation that form the basis of a multitude of what-if scenarios. Performing options evaluation requires the planing team to take into account suitable services and interventions for their local case-mix. Those services and interventions can be grouped into pathways and new models of care and simulated for impact and sustainability.

Once a set of services and initiatives has been identified, they can be grouped into pathways by condition, arranged by setting or categorised into a new model of care for impact analysis and simulation. The COP simulator enables users to set up an unlimited number of scenarios based on different services and interventions to model capacity, demand and workforce requirements. The image below shows a urgent care simulation set-up.